What are some impressive personality tips for college students?
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tips to develop personality in college

In today’s world, every college student is worried about how to develop personality and excel in his/her career. I have learnt four most important and useful tips to develop one’s personality during my PDGA degree at NMIS.

Today, I’m going to share with you those secret tips to develop the personality. All you need to do is strictly follow these simple tips and I bet you’ll see your better version sooner.

A positive mind

Have you ever complained about your teachers? Have you envied your friends? Have you self-pitied and undervalued yourself?

If it’s a yes to any one of the questions, then these negative thoughts are eating away your mental energy. Believe me, such an unhealthy thinking is merely your choice!

Preventing such thoughts from entering the mind will keep you positive towards life and build strong emotional intelligence and stability. The first step in chiseling your personality involves being resilient. Face your fears. Start small. Fix a goal you really want. Stay motivated. Get inspired from success stories. Value yourself. Leave the “no way!” and go for the “yes way”.

Expanding horizons

Inculcate good habits in your routine which will make long-lasting changes in your life. Stick to those habits because discipline is the key. Remember the mantra “Read, read, and read more”. Stay aware of the world around you.

Go for that drama-club you have been thinking about. Go for that debate competition you dreaded your whole life. Talk to new people.

Just get going. Do something different. Get into projects. Develop new interests! Become the jack of all trades. Print it out, post it on your wall. Strive for wisdom, and it shall come to you.

The power of communication

A prima facie seen in a personality is the style of communication. But how do you make your communication skills so powerful that people will listen to you? Here are four things which will make you powerful communicator - lucidity, authenticity (being yourself), integrity, and listening.

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply.

Practice depth in voice. Don’t use monotones, have a pace that lets you emphasize on your words. Go for 2-seconds pauses instead of the “umms” and the “ahhs”. Keep your pitch and volume just perfect, do not shout or murmur. Speak your mind out consciously.

Managing energy

Does your heart beat faster when you are happy? It does, right?

When good things come in life, it improves your energy. The hormones which keep us cheerful are endorphins. Science says endorphins are released when we exercise, it keeps away stress and anxiety. Exercising has proven to increase concentration, focus, and willpower. Simple exercising will boost your energy levels and get you going. So set a right goal for exercising, and simply do it.


I know it’s easy said that done, but remember we can be the kings and the queens, the master and the slave, the teacher and the student, the creator and the destructor of our own destiny. Improving yourself continuously is a choice you need to make. So start small and finish big.

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