How to study for university exams?
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You can just follow Simple steps:

  1. Give yourself enough time to study. (At least 2-3 hrs in a day)

  2. Practice on old University Solved Papers. (You can refer KT280 recommended by most seniors for better results)

  3. Make Pointwise Answers.

  4. Use flow charts and diagrams. (Even if Answer contains no diagram, use your creativity and draw a simple diagram)

  5. Organize study groups with friends. (But don't go for time pass... :P)

  6. Take regular breaks.

  7. Drink plenty of water & Keep your mind fresh.


How do I study for university exams?

What books do I refer?

I don't find reference books very helpful, are there any good websites to refer?

Any better notes?

Tons of similar questions nest minds of many engineering students. Most of time is spent wondering what and what NOT. Today, I'm gonna share few insights about study methods followed by the toppers. I qualify to preach this bcoz of my 9 pointers ;)

  1. One step at a time

    I understand there's a huge syllabus to finish, piles of books to read, and tons of formulae to memorize. It's quite difficult to focus on one thing I agree it's not your fault, our university works that way. But it's very important to focus on important topics first. After all, how do you eat an elephant? someone says, part by part.

  2. Lecture notes are the best

    I got to be kidding! paying attention to the lecture is the toughest part of engineering life. Trust you. However, every class has chosen few who sits for entire lectures and document every word spoken by professors. So if you are one of the chosen few, kuddos! you've just saved humanity with your notes. But if you aren't, you know where to look for them ;)

  3. Knowing concepts will save your life

    I can't emphasis more than this, how important it is to know the concepts well. Why? bcoz if you know the concepts you can cook rest of the explanation yourself. I'm sure you must have done this earlier. Also knowing concepts will help you in viva, no big deal.

    Now if you are NOT a reference type guy/gal, worry not there's enough content available online. Make YouTube your best friend and explore channels like NPTEL, Khan Academy, etc.

  4. Smart work is better than Hard work

    As engineers, we are master procrastinators. We don't study stuff until it's absolutely necessary. One night before exam, we get all the superpowers :D

    However, a bit of smart thinking can save us lots of hard work. Solving previous years exam question papers work wonders bcoz our university is awesome in asking repeated questions. Also, we've got Ques10 to help you with important exam questions. Do check it out.

Finally, most important of all, keep yourself cool. Make study plans and for humanity's sake stick to it. Eat well, sleep well and study well. Wish you luck.

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