List and explain the steps involved in termination a project?
1 Answer

Regardless whether a successful project is completed by inclusion, integration, or extinction, a plan must be developed to terminate it. An organization that is project-oriented may have a "termination manager" whose primary responsibility is to effectively and efficiently end projects. The duties of a termination manager may include the following:

  • Ensure the project is complete.

  • Ensure delivery and client acceptance.

  • Prepare a final report.

  • Ensure that all bills have been paid and that the final invoice has been sent to the client.

  • Redistribute personnel, materials, equipment, and any other resources.

  • Determine what records (manuals, reports, and other paperwork) are to be kept and place them in storage.

  • Assign responsibility for product support, if necessary.

  • Oversee the closing of the project's books.

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