Define the goals of security and specify mechanisms to achieve each goal.
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Providing security to the information assets of our modern age has become a matter of supreme importance. The three main goals associated with security are:

a) Confidentiality:

  • It is a common aspect of information security. We need to protect our confidential information from getting leaked into public.
  • For e.g. in military, confidentiality is related to national security. In business, certain information always needs to be hidden from competitors.
  • It applies to both the storage of information as well as for transmission of information.

b) Integrity:

  • In information security, integrity means maintaining and assuring accuracy and completion of data over its entire life-cycle.
  • It means that changes can be done only by authorized entities and only through authorized mechanism.
  • Securing integrity of data is extremely important. E.g. You are sending Rs. 1,000. Somebody tampers with the integrity of transactions and actually sends Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Data can also be lost due to due to natural reasons like power outage, floods etc.

c) Availability:

  • Availability of information refers to ensuring that authorized entities get information when needed.
  • An information which is stored and maintained is useless if it’s not available when needed.
  • Denying access to the information has become a popular mode of cyber-attack. E.g. DDos (Distributed Denial of Service)

Mechanisms to achieve the above goals are:

Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Encipherment , Routing Control Encipherment, Digital Signature, Data Integrity Creating Backups, Routing Control
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