6 Things to do before a job interview


The better prepared you are for a job interview, the better are your chances of getting the job. So do your homework well and focus on these things before going for an interview to succeed.

1. Study the job description well

Go through your Job Description (JD) carefully. Highlight the key skills that are needed to perform the tasks mentioned in the JD. Also, when discussing your skills at the interview subtly talk about how your skills match the said job.

2. Prepare your queries

A good interview has to be conversational rather than an interrogation. It is good to seek answers to your queries related to the potential role, the company and other work and workplace related aspects.

3.Focus on body language

Body language is one aspect which is usually ignored by most interviewees but it could get you the much desired brownie points. Work well on your sitting posture, handshakes, eye contacts etc.

4. Research the interviewer

It is always good to know about the person who is going to interview you. With access to social media, this task has become quite simple. This will help ease the interview pressure.

5. Know the culture

Get insights about the company culture. Find out the things that make people want to work there and things which drive employees away.

6. Arrange all documents

You must arrange all the necessary documents in order so that you don't panic when the interviewer asks for any information. It will also show that you're an organised person, which is one of the desired skills that employers look for in a candidate.

Source: JobBuzz

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