Explain Barkhausen's criteria for principle of oscillation.

Mumbai University > Computer Engineering > Sem 3 > Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals

Marks: 5 Marks

Year: May 2014

  • In electronics, the Barkhausen stability criterion is a mathematical condition to determine when a linear electronic circuit will oscillate.
  • There are two conditions of Barkhausen Criteria which states that:
    • The total phase shift around a loop, as the signal proceeds from input through amplifier, feedback network back to input again, completing a loop, is precisely $0^0$ or $360^0$, or of course an integral multiple of 2π radians.
    • The magnitude of the product of the open loop gain of the amplifier (A) and the feedback factor β is unity.
  • Since, by satisfying these conditions, the circuit works as an oscillator producing sustainable oscillation of frequency.
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