Determine the magnitude of $g_m$ for a JFET with $I_{DSS}$ - 8 mA and $V_p$= -4 V at the following dc bias points:1. $V_{GS}= -0.5 V$. 2. $V_{GS}= -I.5 V$. 3.$V_{GS}= -2.5 V$.

Mumbai University > Computer Engineering > Sem 3 > Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals

Marks: 5 Marks

Year: May 2016


The transfer characteristics are generated as figure using the procedure. Each operating point is then identified and a tangent is drawn ateach point to best reflect the slope of the transfer curve in the region. An appropriate increament is then choosen for $V_{GS}$ to reflect a variation to either side of each Q-point. Equation is then applied to determine $g_m$.

$$1. \ \ g_m=\dfrac{\triangle I_D}{\triangle V_{GS}}\cong \dfrac{2.1 mA}{0.6V}=3.25mS \\2. \ \ g_m=\dfrac{\triangle I_D}{\triangle V_{GS}}\cong \dfrac{1.8mA}{0.7V} \cong2.57mS \\ 3. \ \ g_m=\dfrac{\triangle I_D}{\triangle V_{GS}}= \dfrac{1.5mA}{1.0V}=1.5mS$$

The decrease in $g_m$ as $V_{GS}$ approaches $V_P$.

In transfer characteristics we have seen that the relation between the drain current $I_D$ and gate to source voltage $V_{GS}$ is non-linear. The relationship is defined by Schockley’s equation.


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