Distinguish between: Process v/s Thread

Mumbai University > Computer Engineering > Sem 5 > Operating System

Marks: 10M

Years: May 2016

Process Thread
A program in execution is often referred as process. A thread is a subset (part) of the process.
A process consists of multiple threads. A thread is a smallest part of the process that can execute concurrently with other parts (threads) of the process.
A process is sometime referred as task. A thread is often referred as lightweight process.
A process has its own address space. A thread uses the process’s address space and share it with the other threads of that process.
A process can communicate with other process by using inter-process communication. A thread can communicate with other thread (of the same process) directly by using methods like wait (), notify (), notify All ().
New threads are easily created. The creation of new processes require duplication of the parent process.
A process does not have control over the sibling process, it has control over its child processes only. Threads have control over the other threads of the same process.
Per Process items: 1) Address space 2) Global variables 3) Open files 4) Child processes 5) Pending alarms 6) Signals and signal handlers 7) Accounting information Per thread items : 1) Program Counter 2) Registers 3) Stack 4)State
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