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Mumbai University > Mechanical Engineering > Sem 7 > Production planning and control

Marks: 5M

Year: Dec 2015


The department of PPC will function properly only when people from other departments contribute effectively to the whole system. The various working sections that help in making the PPC most efficient are explained in next article

  1. Data Pertaining to Design

    The design of the product is most important which is supplied by the customer. Based on the design provided, the entire shop floor plan is decided. This gives the core idea of extracting the type of materials required, machine utilization, numbers of workers required etc.

  2. Data pertaining toEquipment’s

    The equipment’s required for manufacturing the products mainly follow a sequence of operations to be performed on the same. The sequence of operations is mainly decided from the design given by the customers. These also include the tooling and accessories necessary for holding the job in the machine. The feed of tool and depth of cut. The size of machine depends upon dimension of workpiece to be machined.

  3. Data pertaining to raw materials

    The raw material requirements for products depends mainly upo the customer requirements and demands, the type of material to be used , specifications like composition chemical involvement , type of process etc.

  4. Data pertaining to tooling

    Type of tooling depends upon composition of workpieces. It also incorporates the method of machining to be carried out that will give standardized sizes of tools and cutting accessories required for production.

  5. Data pertaining to performance standard

    In an industrial engg process, taken as a whole, there are some standard methods or procedures to be followed while planning a process. The production planning techniques are mainly based on the type of end or final products to be made.This is decided by the type of drawing or part diagrams sent by the customers.

  6. Data pertaining to Labour

    Management of labour on shop floor along with the assignment of Jobs and productivity output.Labour required in Industrial engg is mainly categorized into

    • Labour at management level
    • Labour at staff level
    • Labour at shop floor level
  7. Data pertaining to operating systems

    The operating systems considered in an industry mainly and wholly depend upon type of products to be manufactured. The final end products decide the type of operating system applicable. It is usually called as the plant layout planning. The layout of the plant forms a major part of operating system.

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