How can I build personality that everyone dreams in college?
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build personality in college

You get attracted to somebody but not to others. Why?

It’s because of their personality. We, humans, classify ourselves and establish opinions about each other's personality. It is essentially is a perfect blend of thoughts, emotions, body language, character, and attitude.

One's personality starts taking shape right since their school days, but the fruits of developing a great personality can be reaped when one goes through the professional life. In today's world, we all are running a rat race. And as Darwin's theory suggests, survival of the fittest is the mantra. In order to cope up with this race, dashing personality helps us create the difference.

Since childhood, I have been a keen observant of all the activities going on around me. Many times, I learn new things interacting with my friends and sometimes through my parents. I shall share few of my observations with you today.

Be Punctual

One of the personality traits in college is being punctual. We live in an era where everyone is in a hurry, but no one reaches on time. Hence, for me, the highest priority becomes being punctual.

We have learnt basic moral values in our school, remember those. It's time to implement those moral values in college.

Be A Good Listener

The next up to in building personality in college is to be a good listener. Listening to your peers and critics can help you improve the personality in many ways.

Be Optimistic

Being optimistic helps. You shouldn't lose hope in tough times. There may come situations where you might feel that you have completely lost it, but remember where there is will there is a way. Even during the darkest hour, stay positive; you never know when the sun of opportunities may rise.

Be A Leader

Being a leader isn't easy. Before you can lead a group, you need to lead yourself. Practice hard what you are good at and teach your fellow mates too. This way you will earn their trust and they will look at you like a leader.

Incorporate these tips in your daily lives and get an impressive personality you have ever dreamed of.

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