Question: Distinguish between siphon aqueduct and canal siphon with neat sketch.

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Year: May 2016

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Siphon Aqueduct Canal Siphon
The hydraulic structure in which irrigation canal is passing over the drainage, but the drainage water cannot pass clearly below the canal is known as siphon aqueduct. If two canals cross other and one of the canals is siphoned under the other, then the hydraulic structure at crossing is called canal siphon.
In siphon aqueduct the H.F.L. of the drain is above the bed of the canal. In canal siphon the F.S.L. of the canal is much above the bed level to the drain.
Here bed of the drainage is lowered. Here the canal bed is lowered.
Water runs under siphonic action through the aqueduct barrels. Canal runs under symphonic action under the trough.
enter image description here enter image description here
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