Question: Explain marshalling yard

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  1. It is like distribution center for trains. In this yard trains and goods are received, sorted and new trains are sorted and dispatched.
  2. In this yard from different lines; empty wagons are received. These wagons are then separated, sorted for different destination. They are arranged in order of station so that they can be detached smoothly.

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Types of Marshaling yard:-

Following are the different types of marshaling yard:

1) Hump yard 2) Gravitational yard 3) Flat yard

  1. Hump yard:-

    In this type of yard Humps are constructed and wagons are released from hump point to roll down the flatter gradient these are mostly used due to economy and no power is required to move wagons.

  2. Gravitational yard:-

    In this type yard; wagons are moved into various dead ends sidings with gravity only. For that purpose; tracks are laid with gradients. The movement is controlled by wagon brakes manually.

  3. Flat yard:-

    Where space is restricted these type of yards are preferred. In this type of marshaling yard the tracks are laid on horizontal ground and total surface of yard is almost leveled and entire sorting work and movement of work is carried out by engines.

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