Question: Explain zoning laws for an airport

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  1. When the final selection of the airport site is decided, then suitable zoning laws are to be made and are to be implemented. Hence zoning laws becomes a key part of an airport master plan.
  2. For the purpose of the proper functioning of the airport, the zoning laws plays a vital role.
  3. The airports consists of the types of zoning:-
  4. Land use zoning
  5. Height zoning

Land use Zoning:-

  • The land use zoning comes under the part of development
  • Land use zoning is classified into two parts

    (a) Closely or remotely related to the aviation

    (b) Related to non-aviation uses

(a) Closely or remotely related to the aviation:-

Terminal buildings, parkings, aprons, runways, taxiways and maintenance facilities comes under the part of aviation.

(b) Related to non-aviation uses:-

i. Commercial, industrial and recreational activities comes under the port of non aviation uses which should not interfere with the aircraft operations.

ii. The smoke and duct producing industries are not allowed because smoke and duck imparts the obstruction to the visibility.

iii. The recreational facilities like golf course can be permitted suitably within the airport boundary.

iv. The agricultural use for certain type crop can be permitted for no attraction of the birds.

v. The following factors are to be noted for zoning laws:

  • Legal interests
  • Zoning maps
  • Nature of ordinates

Height Zoning:-

  • Height zoning is also termed as hazard zoning. Height zoning is mainly used to protect the approaches to the airport from the obstruction of any object.
  • Certain rules and regulars are made to the heights of structures on land surrounding the airport.
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