Question: Explain various factors affecting capacity of an airport.

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Year: May 2016

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Factors affecting the airport operating capacity:-

Following are the various factors which affects the airport operating capacity:

  • Characteristics of the aircrafts using the airports.
  • Sizes and number of gates used in the apron area.
  • Number and location of the taxiways, configuration and runway exits.
  • Availability and structure of the air-space for the purpose of arrival and departure routes.
  • Nature and existence of the navigational aids.
  • Noise abatement procedure.
  • Runway occupancy time for operation of arrival and departure of aircraft.
  • eather conditions and wind conditions
  • Techniques used by the controller to operate the runway system
  • Frequency and existence of occurrence of wake vortices.
  • Number of arrival with respect to the number of departure.
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