Question: Write a short note on : Transit sheds & Ware houses

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Year: May 2014

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Transit sheds:-

  • Sometimes it is not possible to clear all the import or export cargoes to their destinations by road transport or by railway, hence these cargos should be kept in safe in the temporary storage. It is also essential for general cargo to verify the markings, quantity and safe delivery, hence all these activities are done in a temporary storage.
  • Hence transit sheds is a covered arrangement for the temporary storage of import cargoes in which incoming & outgoing cargo are kept for the purpose of safe protection. Transit shield is also termed as a transit godown.
  • Transit sheds may have godown type of structure having one or two storeys in height.
  1. Floor are of shed is 56 m²
  2. Capacity of shed is 470 m³
  3. Quay space is 11 m²

Following are the various construction requirements

  1. Rapid opening & closing doors are to be used
  2. Transit sheds should have advanced five fighting system
  3. It should have adequate light. In day time there should be continuous sky light
  4. Light & fine resisting materials should be used for the construction of transit sheds
  5. Transit shed should be located adjacent to the quay and it should have maximum capacity for storing incoming and outgoing cargo at a time. There should have road and rail path for fast or quick transit of cargo. Equipment such as cranes should be readily available when required.


  • The structure which is permanently built on shore or directly behind transit sheds to store the goods for longer duration is termed as warehouse.
  • Bonded warehouse: The cargo which remain under the customs authority until cleared are stored, then in such case the warehouses are termed as bonded warehouses.
  • Special type of material and equipment’s are requires for the construction of warehouses. Warehouses building consist of storage areas like grain storage, meat storage, refrigeration plants for cold storage, special storing bins and spouts. Light cranes are provided at intermediate floor levels for loading and unloading the goods.
  • Location of warehouses should be such that it should have easy and ready access to transfer and removal of goods suitable sidings and rows should be made around the warehouses so as to transfer and removal of goods easily and within less time.
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