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Communication Skills - May 2016

First Year Engineering (Semester 1)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Objective Question (MCQ)

1(a)(i) Communication is a _______ exchange process. (one way, two way, group)(1 marks) 1(a)(ii) The communication which is in speaking is called _______ (written, oral)(1 marks) 1(a)(iii) The _______ are especially helpful means of communicating nonverbally. ( kinesics, Proxemics, chronemics)(1 marks) 1(a)(iv) _______ vowel is presented in the word 'gate'. (/e?/, /?/, /??/(1 marks) 1(a)(v) /si:/ is the phonetic transcription of the word _______ . (sea, seize, piece)(1 marks) 1(a)(vi) The scientists have presented a detailed _______ of the result. (analyst, analysis, analytic, analytical)(1 marks) 1(a)(vii) _______ You ever seen Mr. Shah _______ on violin? (have......playing, had....played, has.... Playing)(1 marks)

State whether the statement is true or false.

1(b)(i) Oral communication provides opportunity of immediate feedback.(1 marks) 1(b)(ii) During preparing for a presentation Material, Yourself, Audience must be considered.(1 marks) 1(b)(iii) There is no difference between listening and hearing.(1 marks) 1(b)(iv) Communication always involves words.(1 marks) 1(b)(v) The encoder is the individual who receives a message from another.(1 marks) 1(b)(vi) The means by which a message moves from the sender to the receiver is the channel.(1 marks) 1(b)(vii) Understanding is the act of interpreting message by following grammatical and semantic rules.(1 marks) 2(a) You are Advertising Manager of a company of FMCG goods. You design a presentation for advertising of new launching FMCG product. Presentation of various means of advertisement you target.(3 marks) 2(b) 'Reading is a most important skill if you develop in a well manner' Explain.(4 marks) 2(c) What is communication? Explain the process of communication with it's diagram.(7 marks) 3(a) What do you mean by analyzing audience and locale?(3 marks) 3(b) Critically compare and contrast among listening and hearing.(4 marks)

Write a short note on the following. (Any Two)

3(c)(i) Proxemics(3 marks) 3(c)(ii) Scanning and Skimming(3 marks) 3(c)(iii) Techniques of reading(3 marks) 4(a) What kind of qualities are required for a good listener.(3 marks) 4(b) 'Organizing content and preparing an outline plays a vital role in presentation'. Explain.(4 marks) 4(c) Discuss in detail about the barriers of effective listening?(7 marks) 5(a) Write a short note on the appropriate of the title ' The Eyes Are not Here'(3 marks) 5(b) Complete the following story and give appropriate title to it. Once there lived a cunning fox, which used to steal the eggs of the eggs of the sparrow from their nest. So the sparrow decided to make their nest on the top of a tall tree. The fox saw the nests and tried to climb the tree but it was very tall and heavy no branches. The fox lost its interest in everything else and the all the while thought of how to reach the top of the tree. At last he got an idea. He went deep into the forest where all the other foxes were living. After a while the fox returned with a pack of foxes. They tried to reach the top by standing on one another's back. In this manner they reached nearly three-fourths of the way the tree. The birds saw the foxes and all except ones sparrow flew away leaving their eggs. One sparrow was not ready to leave her eggs. She quickly started thinking of a way to save her eggs and those of others and came up with an idea.......(4 marks) 5(c) Is the title of the short story 'The Romance of a Busy Broker' apt.? Explain in detail.(7 marks) 6(a) Develop a paragraph on 'Effect of Cinema on Youth'.(3 marks) 6(b) Write a short note on 'The Road Not Taken'.(4 marks) 6(c) Aadhya Fashions, Bhavnagar is interested to place a large order for readymade garments manufactured by Fashion Fabrics Limited, Jaipur. Draft a letter inquiring the Quotations and product details from Aadhya Fashions.(7 marks) 7(a) Critically evaluate the poem 'Goodbye Party For Miss Pushpa T.S.'(3 marks) 7(b) Draft a mail to abroad university asking information for courses that you want to learn more.(4 marks) 7(c) A survey conducted on satisfaction about college professor' in your college. Write a report summarizing your findings.(7 marks)


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