Question Paper: Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation : Question Paper May 2015 - Electronics & Telecomm (Semester 4) | Gujarat Technological University (GTU)

Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation - May 2015

Electronics and Comm. Engg. (Semester 4)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1 (a) Define and explain the following static characteristics of an instrument.
1) Accuracy 2) Linearity 3) Stability 4) Resolution
(7 marks)
1 (b) Write a short note on DSO.(7 marks) 2 (a) (i) Find the equivalent parallel Resistance and Capacitance that causes a Wein Bridge to null with following component values. R1=3.1 KΩ, C2=5.2μF, R2=25KΩ, f=2.5KHz, R4=100KΩ.(4 marks) 2 (a) (ii) Compare AC and DC Bridges.(3 marks)

Answer any one question from Q2 (b) & Q2 (c)

2 (b) Differentiate between primary and secondary transducers with the help of suitable examples.(7 marks) 2 (c) Explain Gating Error, Time Base Error and Trigger Level Error.(7 marks)

Answer any two question from Q3 (a), (b) & Q3 (c), (d)

3 (a) With neat diagram explain the various parts of CRT.(7 marks) 3 (b) What is Data Acquisition? What are the basic objectives of DAS?(7 marks) 3 (c) Explain basic principle of oscillation .What is Barkhausen Criterion?(7 marks) 3 (d) Explain different types of potentiometer and list advantages and disadvantages of potentiometer transducer.(7 marks)

Answer any two question from Q4 (a), (b) & Q4 (c), (b)

4 (a) Write a note on lock-in amplifier.(7 marks) 4 (b) Describe A.F. sine and square wave generator with suitable diagram and working.(7 marks) 4 (c) What is wide band sweep generator? What are its basic elements and explain its working with a block diagram.(7 marks) 4 (d) Write short note on wave analyzer.(7 marks)

Answer any two question from Q5(a), (b) & Q5 (c), (d)

5 (a) Explain the generalized block Schematic of Digital Data Acquisition System and list out its advantages over Analog Data Acquisition System.(7 marks) 5 (b) What is LVDT? Write its merits and demerits .Discuss its two applications.(7 marks) 5 (c) What is optical isolator? Write its characteristics and advantages.(7 marks) 5 (d) Draw and Explain the block diagram of Digital Frequency Meter.(7 marks)

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