Cellular capacity and coverage improvement techniques.
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Cellular capacity and coverage improvement can be done through four major techniques they are

  1. Cell Splitting: It is the technique of splitting the congested cells (macrocells) into microcells to increase the capacity and coverage. The umbrella technique is used. It is used to increase the frequency of use.
  2. Cell Sectoring: It uses multiple directional antennas instead of using a single Omni-directional antenna. The reuse ratio has an impact on the capacity of the cells. S/I ratio varies proportionally to the Reuse ratio.
  3. Repeaters: Repeater is also called a Re-transmitter. It is used for the extension of coverage.
  4. Micro Cell Zones: This is based on using the sectored cells and uses Lee's MicroCell Zone concept.

Improving capacity is important because it helps in increasing the number of channels (or a number of users).


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