Short note: Role of SUMR register in satellite roaming

Mumbai University > Computer Engineering > SEM - 6 > MCC

Marks: 5M

Year: May16

  • In Satellite communication, localization is the process of finding the exact location of a MS (Mobile Station). It is similar to the procedure followed in GSM network except for the addition of a new register named SUMR (in addition to HLR and VLR)

  • SUMR stands for Satellite user mapping register. It stores the current position of satellites and a mapping of each user to the current satellite through which communication with satellite is possible.

  • When setting up a connection, initially the MS sends a signal which is intercepted by one or several satellites. This signal is then forwarded to a gateway.

  • Now the gateway fetches the details of the user from his HLR and the VLR.

  • Now using SUMR, the appropriate satellite to set up communication with the MS is determined and communication is set up.

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