Explain pre and post processing in FEM.

Mumbai University > Mechanical Engineering > Sem 6 > Finite Element Analysis

Marks: 5M

Year: May 2015


The basic steps involved in any finite element analysis consist of the following

Preprocessing Phase:

  • Create and discretize the solution domain into finite elements; that is subdivide the problem into nodes and elements.
  • Assume a shape function top represent the physical behaviour of an element; that is an approximate contineous function is assumed to represent the solution of an element.
  • Develop equations for an element.
  • Assemble the elements to present the entire problem. Construct the global stiffness matrix.
  • Apply boundary conditions, initial conditions and loading.

Solution (Processing) Phase:

  • Solve a set of linear or nonlinear algebraic equations simultaneously to obtain nodal results, such as displacement values at different nodes or temperature values at different nodes in a heat transfer problem.

Postprocessing Phase:

  • Obtain the other important information. At this point, you may be interested in values of principal stresses, heat fluxes, strains, etc.
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