What is RGB model? Find a RGB coordinate of a color at (0.2,1,0.5) in CMY space
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  • RBG stands for Red Green Blue
  • In this case red, green, blue are added together to produce a wide spectrum of colors.
  • The RBG color model is additive color model.
  • The primary purpose of RBG model is for display of image in electronic system, such as television screen, computer monitor and also used in digital photography.
  • Cathode ray tube,LCD,LED, plasma display all use RGB model.
  • CYM co-ordinates are just the compliment of RBG co-ordinates

To find RBG co-ordinates of color at (0.2,1,0.5) in CYM space

[ C Y M ] = [1 1 1] - [ R B G ] [ C Y M] = [1 1 1] -[0.2 1 0.5] [C Y M] =[0.8 0 0.5]

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