1 (a) Compare among hard and soft links.

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Marks: 5M

Year: Dec 2015

1 Answer

Hardl ink

• Hard link have same i-node no.

• Hard link acsts like mirror copy to original file

• You cant create a hard link for directory

• If you delete original file, hard link remains as it is.

• Hard link cant cross file system.

• (ln) command is used to create hard link.

• Hard link is not possible in different partition.

• Hard link refers to the specific location of physical data.

Soft link

• Soft link have different i-node no.

• Soft link is actual link to original file.

• You can create a soft link for directory

• If you delete original file, soft link fails

• Soft link can cross file system.

• (ln - s) command is used to create soft link.

• Soft link is possible in different partition.

• Soft link refers to a symbolic path indicating abstract location of another file.

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