Human Machine Interaction : Question Paper Dec 16 - Computer Engineering (Semester 8) | Mumbai University (MU)

Human Machine Interaction - Dec 16

Computer Engineering (Semester 8)

Total marks: 80
Total time: 3 Hours
(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary.

Solve any five questionQ.1(a,b,c,d,e,f)

1(a) What are the three levels of processing? Explain
(5 marks) 5518

1(b) Explain Goal Directed design process in brief.
(5 marks) 5522

1(c) Mention steps in constructing persona
(5 marks) 5521

1(d) What do you mean by direct manipulation and indirect manipulation
(5 marks) 5534

1(e) Discuss issues related Long Term Memory and short Term Memory.
(5 marks) 5545

1(f) What do you mean by keyboard acceleratos?
(5 marks) 5568

2(a) How reading is important in UI Design? Write your comments related to the quote "Poor Design may affect Reading".
(10 marks) 12740

2(b) In the state Maharashtra, Water Distribution Company want to provide self-help portal for its customers. The portal consists of online meter logging facility, Bill Payments, VDS i.e Voluntary Deposit Scheme for Bill. Complaints and other facilities. Being a Subject Matter Experts (SME) provide the detailed analysis and for the same provide the Interface that will used by people in all Districts of Maharashtra.
(10 marks) 12741

3(a) What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Digital or Graphical systems? Explain in brief.
(10 marks) 5538

3(b) It is necessary to provide state of an art digital KIOSK for Rural India where citizens can register for Birth/Death Certificates, Insurance premium payments, Postal Schemes such as Investments, Money Transfer etc. The application will be easy and multilingual to be configured in Local Language. Provide suitable Analysis and Interface design for the same.
(10 marks) 12742

4(a) Provide all factors of Interface design? Provide innovative web application by integrating the technologies that are used in Interface design.
(10 marks) 12748

4(b) What do you mean by device based and screen based control,Explain?
(10 marks) 5551

5(a) What do you mean by response time? What are various methodologies adopted for Feedback and guidance?
(10 marks) 12749

5(b) Provide a systematic design analysis for Municipal Corporation's Mobile App; to perform Tax and billing related transations such as Registration of client, Describe the Property, get Tax and water Charge bills, pay tax, Complaints and many other relevant operations.
(10 marks) 12750

Write a short note any four Q6.(a,b,c,d,e,f)

6(a) Qualitative and Quantitative Research
(5 marks) 5544

6(b) Mental Model
(5 marks) 5527

6(c) Gestalt's Principles
(5 marks) 5543

6(d) Graphics Icons and Images
(5 marks) 5569

6(e) Colors
(5 marks) 5563

6(f) Web Navigation
(5 marks) 5539


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