Mumbai University Exam Timetable 2017 for Mechanical Engineering degree course
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Mechanical Engineering

November 2017
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Date Sem 3
(CGBS 2017)
Sem 5 Sem 7
20.11.2017 TOM2
22.11.2017 MD2
23.11.2017 M3
24.11.2017 MMC
28.11.2017 CADCAM
29.11.2017 THERMO
30.11.2017 ICE
05.12.2017 MUS
07.12.2017 SOM
08.12.2017 PP3
12.12.2017 PPC
13.12.2017 PP1
14.12.2017 HT
18.12.2017 PPE / SCM / OR
19.12.2017 MT

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Mumbai University announced the exam timetable for Mechanical engineering degree course on its website on the first week of November 2017. However, their website is so disorganized that it took us almost half an hour to download that Mumbai University timetable.

So we thought to provide you timetable here in a cleaner way. We hope you'll appreciate our efforts and share it with your friends. Wish you the best in your exams :)


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