What are the functions of final drive? Discuss on basic four types of Final Drive.

Subject: Automobile Engineering

Topic: Transmission Systems, Live Axle & Differential

Difficulty: Low

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Upto the drive axle, the power flows in one straight line. At the drive axle, it is diverted at right angle to flow towards the wheels. The change in the direction of power flow is obtained by means of a final drive. The final drive also provides a fixed speed reduction between the drive shaft & driven shaft & the driving axles. Functions of final drive :- The rear axles final drive
i) Transmits the drive through a angle of 90 degree.
ii) Down the engine revolutions to provide a ‘direct top’ gearbox ratio.

In case of cars a final drive ratio os approved 4:1 is used bevel or worm gears are employed to achieve the various functions of the final drive.

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