Compare rigid axle Suspension and independent suspension. Explain with neat sketches. Also discuss objects of suspension.

Subject: Automobile Engineering

Topic: Suspension, Wheels & Tires

Difficulty: Medium

2 Answers

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Rigid Axle Suspension:
1) The spring is attached to rigid beam axle.
2) Wheels moves vertically having e\reaction on the other wheel.
3) Used for heavy vehicle line truck.
4) More tyre scrub, reduces tyre life.
5) Steering geometry change.
6) Provide slightly rigid suspension due to higher spring rate.

Independent Suspension:
1)There is no rigid axle beam.
2)Each wheeel move vertically without any reaction on the other wheel.
3)Used for light vehicle like car at front
4) less tyre scrub, increases tyre life.
5) Steering geometry not changes.
6) Provide softer suspension due to low spring rate.

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