Explain Normal Control, Forward Control and Semi Forward Control Chassis Layouts

Subject: Automobile Engineering

Topic: Body Engineering & Chassis

Difficulty: Medium

1 Answer

Automotive chassis is skeletal frame on which various mechanical parts like engine, tyres, axle assemblies, brakes steering etc, are bolted. At the time of manufacturing, the body of a vehicle is, flexibly molded according to structure of chassis. Automobile chase helps keep an automobile rigid, stiff & unbending. Auto chassis. ensures low levels of noise, vibrations & harshness throughout the automobile. Classification of chassis on the basis of control chassis is following:
i) Normal control chassis
ii) Forward control chassis
iii) Semi-forward control chassis

i) Normal control cháis:
Engine is fitted in front of driver cabin or driver seat such as in cars. Chassis portion cannot be utilised for carrying passengers & goods.

ii) Forward control chassis:
Complete engine is mounted inside the drive cabin. Driver seat is just above the front wheel.

iii) Semi forward control chassis:
Half-portion of the engine is in driver cabin and remaining half is outside the cabin such as in Tata trucks. In this arrangement, a part of the chassis is utilized for carrying extra passengers.

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