Applications of RFID
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i. Automotive:

  • Auto makers have added security and convenience to automobiles by using RFID technology for anti-theft immobilizers and passive entry systems.

ii. Animal tracking:

  • Ranchers and livestock producers use RFID technology to meet export regulations and optimize livestock value.
  • Wild animals are tracked in ecological studies, and many pets who are tagged are returned to their owners.

iii. Assets tracking:

  • Hospitals and pharmacies meet tough product accountability legislation with RFID; libraries limit theft and keep books in circulation more efficiently.

iv. Contactless commerce:

  • Blue-chip companies such as American Express, Exxon Mobile, and MasterCard use innovative form factors enabled by RFID technology to strengthen brand loyalty and boost revenue per customer.

v. Supply chain:

  • Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers have discovered that RFID technology can keep inventories at the optimal level, reduce out of stock losses, limit shoplifting, and speed customers through check-out lines.
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