Explain different types of buses used in computer communication
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  • It is a collection of wires through which data is transmitted.
  • The speed of a bus is measured in megahertz(MHz).
  • The size of a bus(its width) is how many bits it can transfer at a time.

EG:A 64 bit computer has buses with 64 bit width.

  • Can be unidirectional or bidirectional.
  • There are three types of buses:-

1. Data Bus

  • The most common is the data bus.A data bus carries data.
  • It is an electrical path that connects the CPU,Memory,Input/output devices, and secondary storage devices.
  • The bus contains parallel group of lines.
  • The number of lines in bus affects the speed at which the data travels between different components.

2.Address Bus

  • An address bus carries address information.It is a set of wires similar to the data bus but it only connects CPU and memory.

  • Whenever the processor needs data from the memory,it places the address of data on the address bus.

  • The address is carried to the memory where the data from the requested address is fetched and placed on the data bus.The data bus carried to the CPU.

3.Control Bus

  • The control bus carries control information from the control unit to other units.
  • The control information is used for directing the activities of all units.
  • The control unit control the functioning of other units

Eg:I/O devices,Secondary storage etc.

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