Compare Pass transistor logic, NMOS logic & CMOS logic

Subject: Basic VLSI Design

Topic: MOS Circuit Design Styles

Difficulty: Low

1 Answer
Vs in case of nMOS PTL and VD in case of pMOS PTL is used as output. Enhancement type nMOS transistor used as pull up device. pMOS transistor is used as pull up device.
Power dissipation is low as VDD line is not required. Power dissipation is high as rail to rail current flows when Vin is high. Power dissipation is very low.
Only nMOS or pMOS devices are used. Only nMOS devices are used. Both nMOS and pMOS devices are used.
Space requirement is less. Space requirement is more than PTL. Space requirement is more than PTL.
VDD supply is not required except for inverter. Extra supply rail is required. Extra supply rail is not required.
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