A jet propelled unit travels at 180 m/s in air

at 0.65 bar and -6 ºC. Air first enters a diffuser in which it is brought to rest relative to the unit and it is then compressed in a compressor through a pressure ration of 5.8 and fed to turbine at 925 ºC. The gas expands through the turbine and then through the nozzle to the atmospheric pressure. The efficiency of diffuser and nozzle is 0.9. The compressor & turbine efficiencies are 0.8, pressure drop in the combustion chamber is 0.14 bar. Find the fuel air ratio and specific thrust on the unit. If the inlet cross-section of the diffuser is 0.1 m2. Calculate the total thrust. Assume CV of fuel as 44141 kJ/kg of fuel

Subject : Thermal and Fluid Power Engineering

Topic : Jet Propulsion Engines

Difficulty : High

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