In a closed cycle gas turbine there is two stage compressor and two stage turbine

All the components are mounted on same shaft. The pressure and temperature at the inlet of the first stage compressor are 1.5 bar & 20ºC. The maximum cycle temperature and pressure are limited to 750 ºC & 6 bar. A perfect intercooler is used between two stage compressor and a reheater is used between two turbines Gases are heated in reheater to 750ºC before entering into LP turbine. Assuming the compressor & turbine efficiencies as 0.82.

calculate :

i) Efficiency of cycle without regenerator.

ii) Efficiency of cycle with regenerator whose effectiveness is 0.70.

iii) Mass of fluid circulated if the power developed by the plant is 350kw.

The working fluid used in the cycle is air for air: Cp = 1.005 KJ/KgK, and ϒ= 1.4

Subject : Thermal and Fluid Power Engineering

Topic : Gas Turbine

Difficulty : High

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