Explain Three Phases of Wireless Networks Design

Subject : Wireless Network

Topic : Planning and Design of Wide-Area Networks

Difficulty : Medium

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1) There are 3 phases in wireless network planning. They are:
a. Initial planning phase ( dimensioning phase)
b. Detailed Radio network planning phase
c. operation and optimization phase.

2) For the different technologies we need to analyze uplink and downlink both.

3) Generally 2G systems are associated mostly with voice traffic that balances the links.
However 3G systems are associated with voice and data traffic, loading the links.

4) The radio waves that propagates through these system is same only the difference in the propagation model.

5) In TDMA/FDMA Systems for frequency allocation analysis is needed while in CDMA system interference analysis is needed for cell loading and Sensitivity analysis.

6) The initial phase is needed for
a. Determining the approximate number of cell that are needed.
b. Configuration of the base stations
c. Number of network element so that it can estimate the cost and investment needed.

7) The detailed radio network planning phase Considers the factors like propagation the conditions, location of the sites, used distribution depending on the traffic forecast. Once these factors are planned, the network coverage capacity of the network can be analyzed.

8) The network and optimization phase consider systems and cell testing to analyze the system performance for optimization of the network.

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