Draw and explain with neat diagram component of sensor nodes

Subject : Wireless Network

Topic : Overview of Wireless Sensor Network

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A sensor node is made up of four basic components (see Figure 1):
1) Sensing Unit-- Sensing units are usually composed of two subunits: sensors and analog to-digital converters (ADCs). The analog signals produced by the sensors based on the observed phenomenon are converted into digital signals by ADC, and then fed into the processing unit.
2) Processing Unit--It generally associated with a small storage unit, manages the procedures that make the sensor node collaborate with other nodes to carry out the assigned sensing tasks.
3) Transceiver Unit --It connects the node to the network.
4) A Power Unit-- Power units supported such as solar cells.
5) Location Finding System--used for knowledge of location with high accuracy.
6) Mobilizer--It needed to move sensor nodes when it is required to carry out the assigned tasks
7) Power Generator -- Used to generate the Power.

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