Explain i/p referred noise voltage of CS

Subject: CMOS VLSI Design

Topic: Single Stage Amplifier

Difficulty: Medium

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Input reffered noise voltage of CS Stage,

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  • we model the thermal and flicker noise of m_1 by 2 current sources.



  • Thermal noise of $R_D$ by current source,

The output noise voltage per unit BW=

$\bar{V_{n,out}^2}=(4KT(2/3)gm+\frac{K}{C_{OX}WL}\,\frac{1}{f}\,gm^2+\frac{4KT}{R_D})R_D^2 \hspace{1.5cm}$ -(1)

We have, $\bar{V_{n,in}^2}=\frac{\bar{V^2_{n,out}}}{A_v^2}$

$\bar{V_{n,in}^2}=4KT(\frac{2}{3})\frac{1}{gm}+\frac{K}{C_{OX}WL}\,\frac{1}{f}\,gm+\frac{4KT}{R_D\,gm^2}\hspace{1.5cm}$ -(2)

Eq (1) -> output noise voltage of CS stage.
Eq (2) -> input noise voltage of CS stage.

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