Building Design and Drawing - 1 Question Paper - May 2016 - Civil Engineering (Semester 4) - Mumbai University (MU)
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Building Design and Drawing - 1 - May 2016

MU Civil Engineering (Semester 4)

Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary
1(a) What are the basic units / rooms for a luxurious bungalow?
Assuming the standard dimensions for rooms, plan a luxurious bungalow for a celebrity to be constructed on plot of size 20m × 30m (G+1, Load Bearing structure).
Provide verandah, staircase, passage and sanitary units as per bye laws.
    (i) Draw the Ground Floor Plan
    (ii) Draw the line plan of 1st floor.
20 marks

2(a) Draw the cross section passing through staircase, bath, WC of building drawn in Q.No.01. 20 marks

2(b) Define Carpet area and Built up area. Prepare the total area statement (Carpet area and Built up area) of building drawn in Q.No.01. 20 marks

3(a) Draw the foundation plan with dimensions for the building drawn in Q.No.01 20 marks

3(b) Suggest the type of pitch roof for a factory of clear size 8m × 20m. Draw the plan and section of the same showing all details. 20 marks

4(a) Enlist the principles of planning. Explain with example, the 'Principles of Grouping' used in planning of a residential building, 20 marks

4(b) Draw the site layout planfor building drawn in Q.No.01 clearly indicating various services, open spaces etc. 20 marks

5(a) Explain with the help of sketches and suitability, Load bearing structure, framed structure and composite structure. 20 marks

5(b) Define door. Draw the plan, elevation and section of the half paneled and half glazed door. Assume the door size as 1.2m × 2.1m. 20 marks

5(c) Explain carpet area, built up area and FAR. 20 marks

Write short note on the followings(Any four)

6(a) Types of staiscase with suitability 20 marks

6(b) Wind rose (circulation) diagram 20 marks

6(c) Building line and Control line 20 marks

6(d) Sun shading devices 20 marks

6(e) Development control rules 20 marks

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