Design and Drawing of Reinforced Concrete Structures Question Paper - May 2014 - Civil Engineering (Semester 8) - Mumbai University (MU)
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Design and Drawing of Reinforced Concrete Structures - May 2014

MU Civil Engineering (Semester 8)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

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1 (a) Design an elevated water tank at size 8m × 6m in plan and 3.5 m in height. Height of staging is 12.0m and it consists of four columns. Use is code method for design. Adopt M20 and Fe415 use WSM.
a) Design side walls
b) Design base slab.
c) Draw arrangement for beams for base slab.
d) Explain how tie beams for staging are designed.
e) Draw sketch showing plan and section for tank.
40 marks

1 (b) The floor system shown below is subjected to service live load 3kN/m2 and floor load 1 kN/m2. External beams are supporting 230 mm thick wall at height 3.6 m. Adopt M20 and Fe415 Use LSM.
1) Design slab S1-S2-S2-S1.
2) Design beam B1
3) Draw a section through slabs showing reinforcement details,
4) Draw beam elevation showing reinforcement detail.
40 marks

2 For a Cantilever retaining wall at height 4 m above G.L. is subjected to plan back fill with following data.
Density of soil =18 KN/m3
Angle at repose=30°
Friction coeff. Between concrete and soil=0.6
SBC of soil=150kN/m2
Design a steam with reinforcement curtailment and heel slab. Show all design checks. Draw reinforcement detail dor stem and heel slab. Adopt M20 and Fe415 use LSM.
40 marks

3 Design a dog-legged stair case for floor height of 3.2m stair case block of size 2.5m × 4.75m, subjected to live load of 3kN/m2 and floor finish 1.25 kN/m2. Design flights from plinth beam to mid landing & mib landing to floor landing. Draw reinforcement details for both flights. 40 marks

4 Figure shows the layout of the columns and loads on columns at foundation level. Design a suitable raft foundation. SBC of soil is 110 kN/m2. Adopt M20 and Fe415
40 marks

Answer the following.

5 (i) Explain the difference between the structural behavior of cantilever and counter fort type of retaining wall. 40 marks

5 (ii) Explain with sketches the various type of joints used in water tanks. 40 marks

5 (iii) Explain how the limit state of serviceability is taken care in the design. 40 marks

5 (iv) Explain the need of raft foundation. 40 marks

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