Question Paper: Problem Solving and Object Oriented Programming Question Paper - December 2016 - Information Technology (Semester 3) - Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU)

Problem Solving and Object Oriented Programming - December 2016

SPPU Information Technology (Semester 3)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any one question fromQ.1(a,b) and Q.2(a,b)

1(a) Define function. What are the various types of functions Explain any one function in detail. 6 marks

1(b) Write a solution to the problem of finding the largest number out of five numbers. Develop algorithm, flowchart, interactivity chart and input-output chart. 6 marks

2(a) What is the difference between an expression and equation? Evaluate the following for the values A =5, B=2, C= True, D= False
(Include the structure of the order of processing)
i) R = A + 3 > B - 1 AND C OR D
ii) R = NOT C OR D OR A - 3 >= B.
6 marks

2(b) Explain with flowchart concept of:
i) While/WhileEnd
ii) Repeat Unitl.
6 marks

Solve any one question fromQ.3(a,b,c) and Q.4(a,b,c)

3(a) Differentiate between Procedural Oriented Programming and Object Orineted Programming. 6 marks

3(b) What is satic data member and static member function? 6 marks

3(c) Write a C++ program to overload unary operator minus (-). 6 marks

4(a) Write a program C++ for creating array of student object ( for 150 students). Create class student with data members as Roll Number, Name, Address, Mobile Number and Memeber functions as get data and display data. Define member function outside class. 6 marks

4(b) Write a C++ program to calculate the area of circle and triangle using function overloading. 6 marks

4(c) Explain the syntax of operator overloading using friend function. 6 marks

Solve any one question fromQ.5(a,b,c) and Q.6(a,b,c)

5(a) Write a C++ program to swap two numbers using concept of function template. ( Without using temporary variable) 6 marks

5(b) Explain virtual function in C++. 6 marks

5(c) What is STL? Explain various components of STL. 6 marks

6(a) Write a C++ program for a function template that returns the maximum of two values. 6 marks

6(b) Write a program in C++ to demonstrate concept of hierarchical inheritance. 6 marks

6(c) What is 'this' pointer? 6 marks

Solve any one question fromQ.7(a,b,c) and Q.8(a,b,c)

7(a) Explain the following file manipulation functions with example seekg (), skeep (), and tellp(). 6 marks

7(b) Explain exception handling mechanism in C++. 6 marks

7(c) How to catch multiple exceptions? 6 marks

8(a) What are C++ stream classes for console operations? Explain it in detail with the help of diagram. 6 marks

8(b) Explain the following fie mode ios::trunk, iso::app, ios::ate, ios::binary. 6 marks

8(c) What is formatted I/O operation? 6 marks

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