Question Paper: Solid Waste Management* Question Paper - Jun 18 - Civil Engineering (Semester 7) - Mumbai University (MU)

Solid Waste Management* - Jun 18

Civil Engineering (Semester 7)

Total marks: 80
Total time: 3 Hours
(1) Question No. 1 is compulsory
(2) Attempt any three out of remaining five questions
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

  1. Attempt any four:

1(a) What is leachate? How it is formed? (5 marks)

1(b) Write a note on material recovery facility. (5 marks)

1(c) Explain the functional elements of Municipal Solid Waste Management. (5 marks)

1(d) Explain factors affecting the generation rate of solid waste. (5 marks)

1(e) Write a note on E-waste. (5 marks)

2(a) Explain Hauled container system and stationary container system with neat sketches. (10 marks)

2(b) What are the characteristics of hospital waste and how it is treated and disposed off? (10 marks)

3(a) Estimate the moisture content of MSW sample with following Composition.

Component % by mass Moisture content %
Food waste 20 70
Paper 40 6
Cardboard 10 5
Plastic 10 2
Garden trimings 10 60
Wood 5 20
Tin cans 5 3

(5 marks)

3(b) Explain the sources of solid waste (5 marks)

3(c) Explain factors affecting composting. Also explain types of Composting with neat sketches. (10 marks)

4(a) Determine the amount of methane gas generated from anaerobic digestion of 1 tonne of waste having composition $C_{55} H_{110} O_{35} N_2$

$$ C_a H_b O_c N_d + \frac{4a-b-2c+3d}{4} H_2O \rightarrow \frac{4a+b-2c-3d}{8}CH_4 + \frac{4a-b+2c+3d}{8} CO_2 + dN_3 $$ (10 marks)

4(b) Explain with a neat sketch, working of Municipal Incinerator. (10 marks)

5(a) Calculate the energy content of the solid waste having following composition using modified Dulong equation.

Component % by mass
Carbon 35
Hydrogen 10
Oxygen 40
Nitrogen 8
Sulphur 3
Ash 4

(5 marks)

5(b) Describe various types of collection systems employed for House-to-house. State merits & demerits of each system. (10 marks)

5(c) Explain sampling of solid waste (5 marks)

Q6) Write short notes on (any four)

  • a) Pyrolysis
  • b) Volume Reduction of solid waste
  • c) Refused Derived fuel
  • d) Legal aspects of solid waste disposable
  • e) Hazardos Waster
  • f) Transfer Station (5 X 4 = 20 marks)
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