What is the use of probability distribution in system simulation? Give an example of discrete distribution and continuous distribution.
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Uses of probability distribution in system simulation are as follows:

  • To calculate confidence intervals for parameters and to calculate critical regions for hypothesis tests.

  • To determine a reasonable distribution model for data.

  • Statistical intervals and hypothesis tests are often based on specific distribution assumptions. Before computing an intervals or test based on a distributional assumptions The assumptions is justified for the given data set. In this case, the distribution dose not need to be the best fitting distribution for the data, but an adequate enough model so that the statistical technique yields valid conclusions.

  • Simulations studies with random numbers generated from using a specific probability distribution are often needed.

    Examples of discrete probability distribution:

    • The Poisson Distribution

    • The Bernoulli Distribution

    • The Binomial Distribution

    • The Geometric Distribution

    • The Negative Binomial Distribution

    Examples of Continuous Distribution:

    • Uniform Distribution

    • Exponential Distribution

    • Gamma Distribution

    • Erlang Distribution

    • Normal distribution

    • Weibull Distribution

    • Triangular Distribution

    • Log normal Distribution

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