Explain with block diagram computer aided quality control (CAQC).

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Year: Dec 2014, May 2015

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The use of the computers for quality control of the product is called as the computer aided quality control or CAQC. enter image description here

The two major parts of quality control are inspection and testing, which are traditionally performed manually with the help of gages, measuring devices and the testing apparatus.

The two major parts of computer aided quality control are computer aided inspection (CAI) and computer aided testing (CAT).

CAI and CAT are performed by using the latest computer automation and sensor technology. CAI and CAT are the standalone systems and without them the full potential of CAQC cannot be achieved.

The main objectives of the CAQC are to improve the quality of the product, increase the productivity in the inspection process and reduce the lead times in manufacturing.

• To ensure this, the following aspects are considered.

  1. Quality of Design- Several factors that influence the design quality are Choice of right materials, Design involving minimum number of parts, Use of standardization and variety reduction, Economic use of materials

  2. Selection of appropriate process and equipment

  3. Choice of equipment

  4. Training of personnel

The implementation of CAQC in the company results in the major change in the way the process of quality control is carried out in the company.

Inspection is normally used to examine whether a product confirms to the design standards specified for it. For a component, this would be probably concerned with the dimensions, surface texture and tolerances specified for the part.

Testing is a significant stage of work in product development to prove capability of the product. Testing is normally associated with functional aspect of item, and is often directed at the final product rather than its components.

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