Question Paper: Cloud Computing Question Paper - May 17 - Information Technology (Semester 7) - Mumbai University (MU)

Cloud Computing - May 17

Information Technology (Semester 6)

Total marks: 80
Total time: 3 Hours
(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary.

1(a) What are advantages and limitations of cloud computing?
(5 marks) 1675

1(b) What are the levels used for virtualization?
(5 marks) 1681

1(c) Differentiate between cloud and traditional application architecture.
(5 marks) 1704

1(d) What are the factors for successful cloud deployment?
(5 marks) 1695

2(a) Explain different OPEN STACK cloud services with architecture.
(10 marks) 1696

2(b) Explain the architecture and features of EBS.
(10 marks) 1707

3(a) What is virtualization? Explain any one virtualization software with architecture.
(10 marks) 1686 1685

3(b) Explain cloud based service delivery and deployment with example.
(10 marks) 1691

4(a) Explain different risks and mitigation technology associated with cloud?
(10 marks) 2919 2929

4(b) What are public cloud adoption phases for SMB ? What are cloud vendor roles and responsibilities towards SMB.
(10 marks) 1713

5(a) Explain challenges faced in cloud for data storage.
(10 marks) 1701

5(b) Explain AAA model in detail along with its industry implementation.
(10 marks) 2945

Q6) Write short notes on:

6(a) CSB
(5 marks) 1699

6(b) CSG
(5 marks) 1700

6(c) GAE
(5 marks) 1709

6(d) GFS
(5 marks) 1711

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