Page: Syllabus of Book of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

As per Choice Based Grading System

Module 1:

A. Introduction to Refrigeration

  • Applicability of First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics

  • The Carnot cycle

  • Performance of refrigerators

  • Bell Coleman cycle / Reverse Brayton cycle

B. Aircraft refrigeration systems

  • Simple and Bootstrap Cooling

  • Regenerative air cooling system

  • Dry Air Rated Temperature

Module 2:

A. Vapour Compression Refrigeration System

  • Simple compression cycle and the effects of changing system pressures and temperatures

  • Comparison between air-cooled and water-cooled condensers

  • Types of condensers, evaporators, expansion devices and Compressors

B. Cooling Towers

C. Refrigerants

Module 3:

A. Other Refrigeration Systems

  • Vapour Absorption Refrigeration

  • Ammonia-water VAR system

  • Lithium Bromide –Water VAR system

  • Electrolux refrigeration system

B. Non-Conventional Refrigeration Systems

  • Thermoelectric Refrigeration

  • Thermo-acoustic Refrigeration

  • Vortex Tube Refrigeration

Module 4:

A. Psychrometry

  • Principle, properties, chart and processes

  • Requirements of seasonal air conditioning

Module 5:

A. Design of Air Conditioning Systems

  • Heat sources,Adiabatic mixing of two air streams, Bypass factor

  • sensible heat factor

  • Apparatus dew point

  • Ventilation and infiltration

  • Cooling load estimation

B. Introduction to recent developments ad products

  • Room/Split and Packaged Air Conditioners

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow systems, VAV control systems, Inverter Units

  • Human Comfort, Thermal exchange of body with environment, Effective temperature, Comfort chart, Comfort zone, Indoor Air Quality

  • Green Buildings

C. Duct Design

  • Circular and rectangular ducts

  • Static pressure regain and equal pressure drop methods of duct design

  • Air distribution systems for cooling and heating

Module 6

A. Controls

  • LP and HP cutoff

  • Thermostats and Humidistats

  • Interlocking control, Electronic Controllers

B. Applications

  • Ice plant, food storage plants, diary and food processing plants

  • Food preservation, Freeze Drying

  • A/c in textile, printing, pharmaceutical industries and Hospitals

  • Liquefaction of LNG and other gases (cryogenics)

  • Deep sea water air-conditioning

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