Question: What is NFA ? Design a NFA for a binary number where the first and the last digit is the same

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NFA is formally defined as :

M = (Q, $\epsilon, \delta$, $q_0$, f) . where

Q : finite set of states.

$\epsilon$ : finite set of input symbols.

$\delta$ : Transition function.

$q_0$ : initial state.

F : finite set of final states.

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State Transition Table -

- 0 1
$\rightarrow$ $q_0$ $q_1$ $q_3$
$q_1$ $q_2$ $\phi$
$*q_2$ $\phi$ $\phi$
$q_3$ $\phi$ $q_4$
$*q_4$ $\phi$ $\phi$
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