Page: Syllabus of Engineering Graphics 1

As per Choice Based Grading System

As per Choice Based Grading System

Unit 1

Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing: Introduction to Drawing Instruments and their uses, Engineering Lettering, Drawing Sheet - Layout of drawing sheets, sizes of drawing sheets, Line - Types of lines and their applications in Mechanical Engineering Drawing, Dimensioning - Dimensioning terminology and method of execution , Placing of dimensions, General rules for dimensioning, Method of dimensioning : Linear, angular, aligned system, unidirectional system, parallel dimensioning, chain dimensioning, location dimension and size dimension.

Projections of Points and Lines : Theory of Projections (Reference, Planes and Auxiliary Planes, First and Third Angle Method of projections), Projections of point only in First and Third Quadrant with all possible positions.

Projections of lines : Projections of lines [ by First angle Method of projections only] inclined to horizontal plane , frontal plane and both i.e. oblique lines , on reference and auxiliary planes. True length of a line by rotation of view and rotation of plane methods, traces of lines [To locate only H.T. and V.T.] [ Note : No application oriented questions]

Unit 2

Projection of planes: Projection of planes on reference and auxiliary planes [by First Angle Method of projections only]. Projections of planes [ Triangle - All Cases, Quadrilateral, Pentagon , Hexagon and Circle] by reference and auxiliary plane methods , Planes inclined to horizontal reference plane, frontal reference plane and oblique plane. True shape of a Plane, Angles made by the plane with the principle reference planes [ Note : No combination of planes and no HT,VT of planes].

Unit 3

Projection of Solids : Introduction to Solids, Types of Solids, Projections of Solids inclined to one and both reference plane, Projection of Solids (Tetrahedron, Cube , Prisms, Cylinder, Pyramid and Cone only with maximum six sided base) [ Note : No combination of solids and their frustums, Problems on solids resting on H.P. only].

Unit 4

Engineering Curves : Conic Section - Ellipse , Parabola, Hyperbola by Focus- diretrix and rectangle method, Helix for Cylinder , Involute of a Circle, Cycloid , Archemedian Spiral [ Note: Construction of Tangent and Normal is not expected in Examination. Only Curves to be asked in Examination from Unit 4]

Development of Solids : Development of prism (Maximum six sides ), Development of cone [No combination of solids].

Unit 5

Orthographic views : Orthographic projections of given pictorial views by First Angle Method of Projections only , Study of Types of Sections, Sectional orthographic projections [ Note : Only full sectional Orthographic view to be asked for Examination]

Unit 6

Isometric Projections : Introduction to Isometric View with the example of Cube, Isometric axes, scale, Isometric projections and Isometric views, Construction of isometric , non-isometric Lines , Angles, Circles, Sphere, Arc, etc. Drawing isometric views of simple solids and objects, Dimensioning - only Length, Width and Height of Isometric Views [ Note : Only Isometric Views to be asked for Examination]

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