Page: Syllabus of Fundamentals of Programming Languages 2

As per Choice Based Grading System

As per Choice Based Grading System

Unit 1 : Microprocessors and Micro-Controllers Architecture and Programming Concepts

Introduction to functional block diagram of 80386DX, Concepts of Machine Cycles, Memory Types : Primary, Secondary, Cache, Concept of Segmentation and Paging, Processing of Interrupts and Exceptions, PIC Micro-controller systems, Architecture Block diagram, SFR basics, Data and Program Memory, Programming I/O Interfaces using LED Interfacing, Stepper- motor (Programmers Model/Block Diagram)

Unit 2 : Introduction to Advanced Programming Platforms

Eclipse Programming Platform, C, C++, Java, Structured Files, File Handling operations, Linked List : Unidirectional, Bi-directional and Circular, Data and Value Pointers basics, Trees, Basic Introduction to JVM, Basic Classes, Signals, Event Methods and Function, File Classes using case study of Calculator Program, Basics of Web Technology Programming using HTML for Hello! World Program, Display images, web links.

Unit 3 : Introduction to Embedded Programming Concepts

Introduction to Embedded C, Introduction to C peripheral interfaces, C Mechatronics Applications

Unit 4 : Handheld Device Open Source Operating System Installations and Applications

Overview of Android OS, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) , Open Handset Alliance, Android Platform Differences , Android Platform, Basic Introduction to Android Development Environment: Configuring, Development Environment, Exploring the Android SDK, Documentation, Framework, Android Tools, Sample Applications, Emulator, Building, debugging and Running Android Applications.

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