Page: Syllabus of Basic Mechanical Engineering (BME)

As per Choice Based Grading System

As per Choice Based Grading System

Unit 1 : Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Function,Sketch, Description, Uses of - Shaft, Axle, Key (Parallel key), Coupling (Rigid Flanged Coupling), Bearing - (Ball bearing), Clutch - Single Plate Clutch, Brake - Disc Brake.

Power Transmission Devices : Construction, working, comparison and applications of : Belt Drive (Flat and V Belt), Chain Drive and Spur Gear Drive arranged with simple gear train.

Unit 2 : Design Fundamentals

Design : Steps in design process, Mechanical Properties ( Strength, Toughness, Hardness, Ductility, Malleability, Brittleness, Elasticity, Plasticity, Resilience, Fatigue , Creep) and selection of Engineering materials, Applications of following materials in engineering - Aluminium , Plastic, Steel, Brass, Cast Iron, Copper, Rubber

Mechanism (Descriptive treatment only) : Definition and comparison of Mechanism and Machine. Four Bar Mechanism, Slider Crank Mechanism.

Unit 3 : Manufacturing Processes

Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and their Applications (Casting, Forging, Sheet metal working and Metal joining, processes), Description of the casting process : Sand casting ( Cope and Drag), Sheet etal Forming (shearing, bending, drawing), Forging ( Hot working and cold working comparison), Electric Arc welding, Comparison of - Welding, Soldering, Brazing.

Unit 4 : Machine Tools

Basic Elements, Working Principle, Types of Operations with block diagram: Lathe Machine - Centre Lathe, Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines

Unit 5 : Thermal Engineering

Thermodynamics : Thermodynamics system (open,close,isolated), Thermodynamic Properties : Definition and Units of -Temperature, Pressure (atmospheric, absolute and gauge), Volume, Internal energy, Enthalpy, Concept of Mechanical work, Thermodynamics Law with example - Zeroth Law, First Law, Limitations of first law, Concept of heat sink, Source, heat engine, heat pump, refrigeration engine, 2nd Law of thermodynamics statements ( Kelvin Plank, Claussius), Numerical on 2nd law only.

Measurement: Measurement of Temperature ( Thermocouple - Type, according to temperature range and application), Measurement of Pressure ( Barometer, Bourdon pressure gauge, Simple U tube Manometer with numerical)

Unit 6 : Applied Thermal Engineering

Power Plant Engineering : Conventional and non-conventional energy resources, Hydro-electric, Thermal, Nuclear, Wind, Solar [with Block diagram]

Power Producing Devices : Boiler - Water tube and fire tube, Internal combustion engine - Two stroke and four stroke ( Spark ignition and compression ignition), Turbines - Impulse and reaction.

Power Absorbing Devices : Pump - Reciprocating and Centrifugal , Compressor - Single acting, single stage reciprocating air compressor, Refrigeration - Vapour compression refrigeration process, House hold refrigerator, Window air conditioner (Working with block diagram)

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