Draw a neat diagram of simple right hand or left hand turnout and show its various components parts .Explain the working principle of turnout.
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  • A turnout is provided on a railway track to provide facilities for turning of vehicles from one track to another.

  • It consists of a pair of points (switches), four lead rails, two check rails and a crossing as shown in figure.

  • Turnout enables either a branch line or siding to take off from another track.

  • These are defined based on the direction of movement from the main track.

  • (i) Right hand turnout⇒ Facilities are provided for turning on the right (ii) Left hand turnout → Facilities are provided for turning on the left

  • Turnouts are required for yards, sidings or similar sort of conditions.

  • Turnouts are the weakest points on the track due to joints and movable fastenings.

  • They retard the movement of the trains.

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