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i) Logic analyzer is a tool that captures signals and graphs them on its screen.

ii) A logic analyzer can track many signals simultaneously.

iii) The logic analyzer has only two voltages VCC and GND. The display looks like timing diagram. If a signal has a voltage in between VCC and ground, logic analyzer will report it as VCC or GND.

iv) Logic analyzers are storage devices. They capture signals first and display them later.

Modes of operation of logic analyzer

  • Logic analyzer is a troubleshooting hardware diagnostic tool that records the state as a Function of time and as a Function of other states
  • Logic analyzer is a power tool to collect through multiple input lines from buses, sports and records many bus transactions.
  • It displays the collected details on the monitor to debug real time triggering conditions.

As a function of time:

  • Analyzer collects the logic states as a function of time and stores them in memory and displays on screen.
  • It Tracks multiple signals simultaneously and successively.
  • There are multiple input lines connected from system and 10 buses, ports and peripherals.
  • It collects the details of bus transactions and displays on the monitor. The result can also be printed.
  • The phase difference between the input lines also gives important clue.
  • Helps to find bus and Port signal status.


  • Will not help on a program halt due to a bug.
  • It will not show the register and memory contents.
  • Modification of memory content is not possible.
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