A large city with an area of 1500 $km^{2}$ is needed to be covered by finite number of cells with a radius of 2 km each. How many cell sites would be required assuming regular hexagonal shaped cells?

Subject : Mobile Communication

Topic : Cellular Communication System

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Total Coverage area= $1500 km^2$

Radius of cell (r) = $2km$

Area of hexagonal cell = $2.6* r^{2}$

= $2.6*4$

= $10.4 km^2$

Total no of cell sites required to cover entire coverage area = $\frac{total \ coverage \ area}{cell \ area}$

= $\frac{1500}{10.4}$

= $ 144.23 $ cell sites

Thus 144 cell sites would be required assuming hexagonal shaped cells to cover a given area.

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